Phase 2

What is phase II (two) orthodontic treatment?

Phase II treatment typically refers to the normal orthodontic treatment that may follow a first (early) phase I treatment.  This usually involves placing braces on both the upper and lower teeth, once all the adult or ‘permanent’ teeth have come in or ‘erupted.’  Phase I usually does not correct alltooth and bite-related problems, therefore a second phase of braces (phase II) is needed to finish aligning the teeth and bite. When Phase I treatment has been successfully completed, however, this second orthodontic treatment phase (phase II) will be reduced significantly, reflecting the benefit of the phase I early correction. Dr. Pellegrini can straighten the permanent teeth and finish correctly aligning the patient’s jaws into the proper bite or ‘occlusion.’

In simple terms: Phase II orthodontic treatment is usually full upper and lower braces. It is the second part of two phases of orthodontic treatment, and that is where it derives its name.


Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatent (Full Treatment):

What is comprehensive or ‘full’ orthodontic treatment?

Full treatment (also called ‘comprehensive orthodontic treatment’) usually involves placing upper and lower braces on all the teeth. Sometimes other appliances or additional treatment aids may also be utilized depending on you or your child’s specific treatment plan and individual treatment needs. Full orthodontic treatment is usually begun when all or most of the adult teeth are present, making it possible for the orthodontist to fully correct the bite and align all the teeth.

In simple terms: Full orthodontic treatment usually consists of upper and lower braces, is most commonly started when all or most of the adult teeth are present.

Limited Orthodontic Treatment:

What is limited orthodontic treatment?

Limited orthodontic treatment is partial orthodontic treatment, either partial braces on some teeth or only the upper or lower teeth to address a 'limited' or localized issue. Just like the name implies, limited treatment only addresses a specific problem and is 'limited' to certain types of treatment.

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