Preventing Orthodontics Problems 2

Preventing Orthondotics Problems




Possible Problems and Solutions

 Occasionally your braces may break or begin to poke your gum tissue.  Simply being careful with what you eat can prevent ninety-nine percent of all breakages.  You should never eat hard or sticky food while you have braces.

 Loose or broken bracket (brace glued to the front of a tooth): This is generally not a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.  We do need you to call the clinic during regular hours to report the breakage.  We may need to see you for an extra visit to fix the problem, or we may fix it at your next scheduled appointment.  If you do not notify us of the breakage, we may not be able to fix it at your regular visit due to time restrictions.  ALWAYS bring the bracket with you to your next visit.

 Loose band (silver ring around molar): Call our clinic during regular hours to schedule an appointment.  A loose band needs to be recommended fairly soon, as it can cause painful problems in the gums around it.  In addition, food and plaque can get trapped beneath the band causing decay of the tooth.

 Poking wire(s) can be a painful problem.  This is generally caused by movement of the teeth, which is a good thing.  The poking wire can cause severe discomfort, and should be attended to right away.  Phone our clinic during regular hours and schedule an appointment to have the wire clipped.  Use wax over the end of the wire until you have it clipped.  If you live out of Edmonton, your general dentist in your hometown may be able to clip the wire for you, saving you a trip.

 Broken wire(s) are not a common occurrence.  If your wire is broken, call our clinic during regular hours, and we will let you know if you need to come in for an extra visit.  If the wire is poking, use wax over the wire until we can see you to

 Lost spring or tube: If a spring or tube on the wire is lost, call the clinic during regular hours.  Depending upon where the spring or tube is, we may need to see you to replace it right away.  Keep the piece that fell off (if you can) and bring it with you to your next appointment.

 Chain elastic broken or off: Call our clinic during regular hours to schedule a quick appointment.  This should be fixed fairly soon, as the teeth can drift and spaces will open up.

 Loose or missing hook: If you were attaching elastics to the hook, stop wearing the elastics.  Call the clinic during regular hours to schedule a brief visit to have the hook replaced or tightened.

If you lose your elastics, please call our clinic during regular hours so we can have the elastics ready for when you come by.  If you cannot come to the clinic to pick them up, we can mail them to you


When in doubt, just give us a call!